Mission Possible Kids!
MissionsSome Mission ideas for kids:
Mile of Pennies! Did you know that 84,480 pennies laid end-to-end equals 1 mile! WOW! That is $844.80 and that's a lot of money that could help lots of organizations and people! Kids---gather your pennies and encourage your sisters, brother, family, and friends to gather pennies! How long do you think it would take to get a mile of pennies????????
Help FUMC with "Souper Bowl" Sunday
Instead of throwing out toys you don't play with anymore or books you don't read anymore or clothes you don't wear anymore....give them to another child!
If you wear glasses and then have to get a new pair, bring your old glasses to church. There's a box for them and we'll get them to people who need glasses and can't afford to pay for them!
You can make cards for Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Get Well, Birthdays and other days for people in our local nursing homes, homebound, or folks in the hospital.
Keep watching for more ideas!